Monday, June 27, 2011

a fond farewell to my real life best friend, Talon Thunderblade, or the Heroic Pyromancer

i am very sad to say that my friend, Talon Thunderblade, is leaving the state that i live in. he is moving to Pennsylvania, and i am very sad to see him go.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Massive Fantasy Palace-Walking Through Walls

first one-at the foot of the stairs
second-go up the stairs, at the top by the spiral staircase
third-down the spiral staircase, the far wall

a tip: put furniture next to the entrance, so that you can remember it.

Happy Wizarding,
Marcus Dragonwraith

The Best Secondary School Combos


First things first, rules etc.

first off, this is a blog that talks about necromancers, the death school, and wizard 101 in general. Rules: dont use profanity when commenting. second, if you arent in the death school, dont argue about what we say. we are death, so we are going to say stuff about other schools. I am not always very active on Wizard 101. also, my character's name is Marcus Dragonwraith.

happy wizarding,
Marcus Dragonwraith